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5 star reviews from our facebook page. You can find us here: Click the image to open the full review.                                                               Did […]

5 Star Reviews

Looking for honest, hardworking individuals to become a part of our BUG ENFORCEMENT sales team. Learns how to conduct inspections to identify infestations or conditions conducive to infestations of wood destroying organisms and/or insects, birds, or other vertebrate pests for the purpose of making proposals and presentations to obtain sales contracts. […]

Looking for year-round salespeople

WHAT IS EXCLUSION AND WHY SHOULD YOU DO IT? We are finding more home owners are choosing to apply the principles of integrated pest management, IPM for short, a more holistic and healthy form of pest control that works with the environment, biology and natural life cycle of pests to […]

Exclusion Work

Are you sleeping alone? Bed bugs can enter your home from many unexpected places. They are known hitchhikers. You can pick them up at the movies, at work, hotels, by bringing old books into your home, buying used clothing and wearing without washing it, and even by buying used furniture. If you find […]

Who are you sleeping with?

Controlling, let alone eradicating this pest is extremely difficult. Bed bug resistance to insecticidal control measures to date is significant, and cooperation is required for successful control. Depending on the treatment strategy and your specific situation, it is often critical to reduce clutter, wash clothes, and/or perform other activities. Multiple products, methods […]

The resurgence of bed bugs creates significant concern in pest ...