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When I looked up the word “PLAGUE” in the Dictionary it had this as the first thing:

When the homeowner described her ant problem as a plague, the exterminator thought she was being a bit melodramatic. After all, a few bugs aren’t exactly a huge calamity.

The writer of that description obviously never had an ant problem! We at Texas Bug Team don’t want you to live with any ants! Be sure to call at the first sight! If you are on one of our maintenance plans we’ll stay on top of that for you.

From these links you will be able to learn about the ANTS we treat.

Acrobat Ant

Ghost Ant

Rasberry Crazy Ant

Argentine Ant

Little Black Ant

Rover Ant

Carpenter Ants

Odorous House Ant

Small Honey Ant

Crazy Ant

Pavement Ant

Thief Ant

Fire Ant

Pharaoh Ant