Are you being plagued by FLIES?

Got Flies? Flies are opportunists.  Give them a place to breed, and they’ll be everywhere just like, well, flies.

Texas Bug Team can help you rid your home of both the smaller flies, like fruit flies, gnats, phorid flies, and drain flies, and the larger indoor flies like house flies soldier flies and blow flies.  Each of these different kinds of flies have a preferred place to raise a family.  And by far the best way to rid your home or business of flies is to find and eliminate these breeding “hot-spots”. Let us help you know what you can do to keep your home fly free.

Call Texas Bug Team 469-319-BUGS (2847) today! Be sure to ask about the monthly service plans.

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Thank you for doing what you said you could do. No other company has been able to follow through with all their promises. Your company is the best!

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